I cannot believe that Mr. Obama thumbed his nose at the majority of American people! He said, "Go for it! Be my guest. I welcome that fight..." Well, here I am!!

I accept his challenge to REPEAL and defund OBAMACARE!

I support the pro-active efforts of the Republican Majority Campaign to REPEAL OBAMACARE. I support the efforts of RMC to join forces with Representative. Michele Bachman in repealing this infamous legislation. I support the work of the Republican Majority Campaign to UNSEAT ALL MEMBERS OF CONGRESS who voted for OBAMACARE.

Along with the MAJORITY of patriotic Americans, I OPPOSE OBAMACARE and I want it to be repealed!

I am totally against the federal government overtaking ONE-HALF of our economic society! It is totally against the beliefs of every loyal American.

I now enclose my largest gift of:

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