The Capitol


According to the Legislative timeline of 60 days since December 21st, on February 21st the FCC has now taken control over my Internet; and the Internet of all Americans. Their new "Net Neutrality" rules and regulations seriously hamper my First Amendment freedoms.

I do not want my Internet regulated by any bureaucratic government.

I cannot believe that Congress did not do anything since the public outrage of the FCC 3-2 vote just before Christmas.

Please. Please will you ACT RIGHT AWAY?!

Will you please back the "Resolution of Disapproval" introduced in both the House and the Senate.

Congressman, I am seriously looking to see how you vote on this extremely important issue for freedom-loving Americans!

Thank you for your time as you ACT quickly to OVERTURN these rules and regulations by bureaucrats who have absolutely NO constitutional, judicial or congressional authority to do this!