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Tell Congress to REJECT Socialized Health Care!

YES,I want to send faxes to every Congressman's home district office, DEMANDING that the U.S. Congress say NO to "ObamaCare" and Liberal Attempts to Socialize our Health Care System!

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AmeriPAC Supporters Already Sent 1,119,506 Faxes

We need to mobilize folks to take action RIGHT AWAY... So we've set up an easy way for you to make your voice heard LOUD AND CLEAR -- you can send "Blast Faxes" to the home state and district of every single U.S. Representative and Senator AT ONCE, urging that they REJECT the socialized health care proposals being pushed by Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

For less than what it would cost you in time and telephone charges, you can send Blast Faxes to:

ALL 59 Democrat/Independent Senators AND President Obama for just $19
ALL 41 GOP Senators AND President Obama for just $19
ALL 100 Senators AND President Obama for just $29
ALL 261 Democrat/Independent Representatives AND President Obama for just $59
ALL 174 GOP Representatives AND President Obama for just $55
ALL 435 Representatives AND President Obama for just $99
ALL 535 Senators & Representatives AND President Obama for just $119
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