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AmeriPAC Election Alert: Support James Watkins (R), Washington State

Clean House - Take Back Congress - Pink Slip Pelosi's Enforcer

James Watkins a Washington State, Republican knows we have to repeal this government-run health plan---- the takeover of one fifth of our economy, the $500 billion robbery from Medicare, the forcing of citizens into purchasing insurance, and new IRS enforcement. Not to mention the three trillion dollar price tag coming at a time when we are already adding trillions to our debt and borrowing from China and Saudi Arabia. And James Watkins will not let Nancy Pelosi, Eric Holder, or anyone else in the Washington, D.C. establishment infringe on our gun rights.

AmeriPAC welcomes your support. Your contributions are essential to the execution of our missions.

We Must Send Emails do Video Ads and Full Page Ads in National Newspapers informing the public about an inept, inexperienced and dangerous Obama White House.