Can you please pray about DONATING to Bibles For The World today?

Dear Chaplain Klingenschmitt,

YES! I want to help you support Bibles For The World, to minister to and print and distribute free Bibles for poor people around the world in their native languages. I understand 100% of my gifts on this page will be sent to the missionary work of Bibles For The World, an international ministry led by Rochunga and Mawii Pudaite, and I pray that together we spread the gospel until every home in the world has a Bible in their own language. In Jesus name! Amen.

$25 helps print & mail 10 Bibles, native language New Testaments, to 10 homes
$50 helps print & mail 20 Bibles, native language New Testaments, to 20 homes
$100 helps print & mail 40 Bibles, native language New Testaments, to 40 homes
$175 helps print & mail 70 Bibles, native language New Testaments, to 70 homes
$250 helps print & mail 100 Bibles, native language New Testaments, to 100 homes
$500 helps print & mail 200 Bibles, native language New Testaments, to 200 homes
$1,000 helps print & mail 400 Bibles, native language New Testaments, to 400 homes
$2,500 helps print & mail 1,000 Bibles, native language New Testaments, to 1,000 homes
$5,000 helps print & mail 2,000 Bibles, native language NTs to 2,000 homes
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