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The Capitol


H.R. 973 (and its U.S. Senate counterpart soon to be named) is one of the most important pieces of legislation to be introduced into the U.S. court system. It outlaws foreign law and Shariah Law from being used in our judicial process.

Why are you not a Co-Sponsor of this vital bill?

You must do what is necessary to STOP Shariah Law from infiltrating our United States Judicial system. Shariah Law goes against one of the "cornerstones" of our United States Constitution - FREEDOM OF RELIGION.

I am not against Muslims having the right to practice their religion or their faith. But I am against a geo-political system (Shariah Law) which seeks to under-mind the freedoms guaranteed me by the United States Constitution.

Please support H.R. 973 which seeks to ban the use of foreign law in our United States courts.

The American people are concerned over this important issue. It goes right to the very core of our freedoms and the U.S. Constitution written by our Founding Fathers.

That's why you must vote to eliminate the use of any foreign laws, including Shariah Law, in our courts.

Thank you for your time; and I urge your co-sponsorship as soon as possible. WHY…please tell me why this imperative bill has been tied up in Subcommittee since March 9, 2011? Please Co-sponsor and unlock the log-jam in the Sub-committee! I look forward to your ACTION!