San Francisco To Turn Guns Over To Big Brother

The gun-grabbers in San Francisco are moving full steam ahead with their plans to force ALL Americans to register their guns. Gun registration is the first step to TOTAL GUN CONFISCATION. The San Francisco Constitution crushers want to resurrect their 2005 gun ban bill. I guess they didn't learn their lesson when the bill was killed. Anti-gun activists across America are lobbying to get this bill passed so they can coerce other states to make every state pass mandatory gun registration!

HELP SUPPORT CCRKBA'S fight to preserve your Second Amendment Rights!

San Francisco is trying to make residents register their guns under the guise that it will help crack down on crime. What a joke. We are in the midst of a total economic meltdown and crime rates are skyrocketing. Property crime and robberies are increasing by the day. Thousands of police officers have been laid off. Americans can't rely on the government or law enforcement for protection. Our only form of protection is our right to keep and bear arms. We can't let San Francisco put our lives and the lives of our loved ones in jeopardy!

We need the help from patriots like you to win the battle against the anti-Second Amendment gang. If they succeed in their plot to force law-abiding citizens to register guns their next step will be TOTAL GUN CONFISGATION! The time is now, the decision is yours - please consider the facts and follow your conscience.

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