RE: Investigate Selective Prosecution by Dearborn Michigan Police Chief Ronald Haddad

Dear Congressman or Senator:

Please call upon the Department of Justice and FBI to investigate corruption in the Police Department of Dearborn Michigan, especially by the Police Chief Ronald Haddad, who has repeatedly abused his authority by allowing his entire police department to violate the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, by arresting Christians for peacefully distributing Bibles on public sidewalks.

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals already issued a temporary restraining order forcing that Police Department to stop their unconstitutional arrest of street evangelist George Saieg, who is now fully authorized to distribute Christian literature at Dearborn’s Muslim and Arabic festival.

But sadly, the Police now defy the court’s orders by continuing to arrest other Christians. A new video of the 21 June 10 detainment of three Christians can be seen on YouTube if you search under the heading "Dearborn Police: Defending Islam against the Constitution."

This shocking video of the police abusing Christians and seizing their cameras was shot just one day after four other Christians were fully arrested and temporarily jailed, charged with the vaguely suspect crime of "disorderly conduct" or "breach of the peace." These charges are unwarranted since the Christians simply stood on a public sidewalk and peacefully distributed booklets containing the Gospel of John printed in the Arabic and English languages.

Police in Dearborn frequently use the "disorderly conduct" catch-all to stop free speech by Christians, or delay justice to exercise their freedoms until the Arabic festival is over. This is abuse.

Please demand an investigation of Police Chief Ronald Haddad during your hearings on "Selective Prosecution" by the Justice Department or FBI, and stop other selective arrests of Christians who exercise their First Amendment rights to preach the gospel and distribute tracts on sidewalks.

We pray in Jesus' name,