Re: Please Fund F-35 Second Engines, and Strip Hate-Crimes or Protect Brownback's Amendment.

Dear Senator:

1) I hereby petition you to fully fund the F-35 second engines for our Air Force and military pilots, who deserve the best equipment possible in defense of our national liberty. Please stand firm to keep these fighters in the budget, if you are selected for Conference to merge the House and Senate versions of S. 1390 Defense Authorization Act.

2) But more importantly, please vote in that same conference to strip the entire bogus "hate crimes" amendment from that same Defense Authorization Act, since homosexual rights have nothing to do with Pentagon spending. That amendment, passed tyrannically without committee vote by Senator Leahy (D-VT), was so terrible it couldn't be passed as a stand-alone bill S.909. This so-called "Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act" must be stripped entirely from the Pentagon budget.

This amendment mirrors the dangerous House bill passed as H.R. 1913, which makes "sexual orientation," "gender," and "gender identity" into federally-protected classes under the law, and codifies protection of up to 547 types of sexually deviant behaviors, including:

* Incest - sex with one's offspring (a crime, of course)
* Necrophilia - sexual relations with a corpse, also a crime
* Pedophilia - sex with an underage child, another crime
* Zoophilia - bestiality, a crime in numerous states
* Voyeurism - a criminal offense in most states
* Fronteurism - a man approaching a woman and rubbing against her buttocks
* Coprophilia - sexual arousal from feces
* Urophilia - sexual arousal from urine


3) If you cannot meet request #2 above, please at least PROTECT THE GOOD BROWNBACK AMENDMENT TO THE HATE CRIMES AMENDMENT, which reasonably protects religious speech by pastors, by ensuring the federal hate crimes law shall not be "applied ... in a manner that infringes" First Amendment rights or that "substantially burdens any exercise of religion ... speech, expression, [or] association, if such exercise of religion, speech, expression, or association was not intended to ... incite an imminent act of physical violence."

Please equip our airmen with F-35 second engines, protect our pastors right to free speech, and don't hijack the Pentagon budget to legalize sexual deviance.


Concerned Citizen