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If the government told you to stop praying "in Jesus' name," would you stand up for liberty? These DVD or CDs record the true testimony of Gordon James Klingenschmitt, the former U.S. Navy Chaplain who made national headlines by standing up for the rights of military chaplains to pray publicly "in Jesus' name."

Daring to pray "in Jesus' name," in uniform outside the White House, beside 10-commandments Judge Roy Moore, the Chaplain challenged a bad Navy policy that required "non-sectarian" prayers. By sacrificing his own 16-year career and pension, by enduring an 18-day hunger-strike and demanding his own court-martial, he inspired 300,000 petitioners, 35 pro-family groups, and 75 Congressmen to defend liberty. The U.S. Congress finally vindicated his stand by rescinding the bad prayer policy. Now all military chaplains are free again to pray "in Jesus' name," even in public, even in uniform, even outside of chapel.

This is his "no compromise" story of faith and sacrifice, as reported on the front pages of the New York Times, Washington Post, Washington Times, Worldnet Daily, Navy Times, AP, UPI, NPR, US News & World Report, Drudge Report, Hannity & Colmes, The 700 Club, PBS Religion & Ethics Newsweekly, MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, and over 100 radio talk shows.

Prepare to be inspired, and inspire your friends with this life-changing gift!

4-hour video on DVD in four 1-hour segments
(great for small groups and youth!)
$30 suggested donation

Qty DVD orders @ $30 each

90-minute audio on two CDs
(great for listening in your car!)
$20 suggested donation
Qty CD orders @ $20 each

Chaps' Best IOTC Testimony
The Navy Chaplain Who Prayed "in Jesus' name." Chaps has preached this amazing 1-hour short version of his testimony and received standing-ovations in over 50 churches, in 18 states around America. This is the best version of his speech ever given, captured on video at the Institute On The Constitution in Maryland in October 2007. Chaps speaks of his own persecution at court-martial for the "crime" of praying publicly in Jesus' name in uniform, and of God's miraculous victory in Congress, which restored religious liberty for other chaplains.

1-hour DVD video of Chaps' Best IOTC Testimony
$20 suggested donation
Qty DVD orders @ $20 each

Virginia Police Chaplain Rally
If the Governor of Virginia and his Police Superintendent ordered you to water-down your prayers and stop praying "in Jesus name," would you take a stand for Christ? Six Virginia State Trooper Chaplains did, by turning in their Chaplain badges, rather than deny Christ. Watch this 1-hour DVD video with over 1000+ citizens rallying to honor the chaplains, with speeches by Troopers Honaker & Carter, Dean Mat Staver, Sen. Steve Martin, Del. Bill Carrico, Dr. Jeff Ginn, Dr. Randy Brinson, Bishop Council Nedd, Pastor Victor Torres, Bishop Darryl Husband, and Chaplain Klingenschmitt. Feel God's glory descend in true revival!

1-hour DVD video of Virginia Police Chaplains Rally
$20 suggested donation
Qty DVD orders @ $20 each

Virginia Rally T-Shirt, Size XL
We spent over $25,000 helping the police chaplains, and we're still over $10,000 in the red. You can help, by buying a rally T-shirt, and joining the spirit of the Jesus-rally! Wearing this T-shirt around town will show the nation that you took a stand for Jesus, alongside the six Virginia police chaplains who turned in their badge, rather than water-down their prayers.
FRONT: Virginia, Stand Up For Jesus!
BACK: Six Troopers Took A Stand For Jesus, SO DO I.

(Take your stand for Jesus, today!)

XL T-Shirt from Virginia Police Chaplains Rally
$10 suggested donation
Qty T-Shirt orders @ $10 each
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