Re: OPPOSE and FILIBUSTER two bad Judges, Andrew D. Hurwitz and William J. Kayatta.

Dear [Senator LASTNAME]:

I'm writing to request you please OPPOSE AND FILIBUSTER two extremist Judges, Andrew David Hurwitz and William J. Kayatta. These men pose a danger to American society, and should be stopped immediately, for the following reasons:

Andrew David Hurwitz is so pro-abortion that he claims personal credit for causing the Roe v. Wade decision. The Judicial Action Group (JAG) says "Hurwitz takes pride in his role in crafting the case that had 'crucial influence' on both the outcome and the reasoning in Roe. Roe is not only a constitutional abomination but has immorally [resulted] in judicial sanction of the killing of tens of millions of unborn children. Hurwitz should be ashamed of his role in Roe. His pride in his role in Roe is expressed not only as a young law clerk in 1972 but as recently as 2003, at the age of 52. Hurwitz's pride in his role in Roe is cause for great concern."

Judge William J. Kayatta is an elitist who wants federal judges paid twice as much as U.S. Senators! He stood by while the ABA falsely claimed Elena Kagan was "well-qualified" despite having no judicial experience. Kayatta helped draft an argument to ban military recruiters from Harvard University because of his radical sexual views, and he has advocated to bar all judicial elections because he prefers activism to public accountability.

We the people are watching how you vote, and we stand with The Pray In Jesus Name Project who will score and fax your vote to nearly every pastor in your state before the next election.

Please OPPOSE and FILIBUSTER these three bad judges. We pray in Jesus' name.