Re: Please OPPOSE AND FILIBUSTER both Judges Goodwin Liu and Robert Chatigny

Dear [Senator LASTNAME]:

I'm writing to request you please OPPOSE AND FILIBUSTER two extremist Judges, Robert Chatigny to the 2nd Circuit, and Goodwin Liu to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. These men pose a danger to American society, and should be stopped immediately.

As you must know, the Road-side Strangler Judge Robert Chatigny attempted to free the "Roadside Strangler" Michael Ross, who had killed 7 victims, showing empathy for the killer (but not the victims) because the killer suffered from the "disease" of sexual sadism. Chatigny wrote that sexual sadism was a "mitigating factor" warranting Ross be released from prison after raping and killing seven women. Ross was executed against Chatigny's objections, but Judge Chatigny lived to continue his reign of insanity, imposing sentences well below the recommended minimum in a series of child-pornography and sexual-assault cases, and even tried to invalidate Connecticut's version of the Megan's Law sex-offender registry.

The Anti-Marriage Judge Goodwin Liu offered an amicus brief to the California Supreme Court in which he and others argued that the state's ban on same-sex marriage (approved twice by the voters of California) was unconstitutional. Liu also recklessly attacked Supreme Court Justices Roberts and Alito because they were allegedly "unfriendly to civil rights, abortion rights and the environment." (Liu is a pro-abortion extremist.) In a 2008 Stanford Law Review article, Liu supported a judicial role in establishing constitutional welfare rights—i.e., affirmative rights, to education, shelter, subsistence, healthcare and the like, or to the money these things cost—a position so extreme it was rejected by Justice Sonia Sotomayor during hearings.

We the people are watching how you vote, and we will not help return you to office if you refuse to OPPOSE AND FILIBUSTER both Judges Robert Chatigny, and Goodwin Liu. We the undersigned pray to God you will hear and honor our petition, in Jesus' name.