Tell Congress to REJECT Giving Barack Obama Total Control of the Internet!

YES, We need to mobilize every person in this country to take action right away... So we've set up an easy way for you to make your voice heard LOUD AND CLEAR -- you can send "Blast Faxes" to hundreds of Members of Congress, ALL AT ONCE, demanding that they REJECT giving Barack Obama these dictatorial powers over the entire internet in America.

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For about what it would cost you in time and telephone charges, you can send Blast Faxes to:

ALL 59 Democrat/Independent U.S. Senators for just $19
ALL 41 Republican U.S. Senators for just $19
ALL 100 U.S. Senators for just $29
ALL 261 Democrat/Independent U.S. Representatives for just $59
ALL 174 GOP U.S. Representatives for just $55
ALL 435 U.S. Representatives for just $99
ALL 100 U.S. Senators AND ALL 435 U.S. Representatives for just $119
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Paid for by the Republican Majority Campaign, a federally-authorized and qualified multicandidate political action committee.
Contributions to Republican Majority Campaign Political Action Committee will be used in connection with federal elections.
Maximum contribution per individual per calendar year is $5,000.
Contributions from foreign nationals and corporations are prohibited.
Contributions are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.