[Sen.] or [Rep.] [FIRST NAME] [LAST NAME]
Washington, DC

RE: STOP the So-Called "Stimulus Bill"!

Dear [Sen.] or [Rep.] [LAST NAME]:

I'm writing to ask you to STOP the so-called "Stimulus Bill" and to DEMAND that you vote NO on this legislation.

This trillion-dollar bill that is before Congress now is a FARCE. It does almost NOTHING to actually stimulate the economy; instead, it pays out billions of dollars for political payoffs to Obama supporters, billions of dollars to fund the radical environmentalist agenda, tens of millions of dollars for programs that don't work according to our own government, $150 billion for new federal education bureaucracies, and much, much more.

Even the Association of Community Organization for Reform Now (ACORN), which has been accused of voter fraud, is reportedly under federal investigation, and played a key role in the housing meltdown, would receive over FOUR BILLION DOLLARS under this plan!

Almost one-third of the so-called "tax relief" in this plan is spending in disguise, meaning that true tax relief makes up only 24 percent of the total package - NOT the 40 percent that President Obama had requested.

This plan provides enough spending $825 billion to give every man, woman, and child in America $2,700. It's enough to give every person living in poverty in the United States $22,000. This is CRAZY. Please, vote NO on this false "stimulus" bill, and give Americans a TAX BREAK to stimulate the economy instead. I will be watching your votes on this matter very closely. Thank you.