Executive Director of the United States Justice Foundation


Dear Gary,

I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for all the hard, costly, work that the United States Justice Foundation has done to FORCE Mr. Obama to prove his eligibility to even run for President. By standing firm in your resolve, we will eventually get to the very bottom---THE REAL TRUTH about Barack Obama's birth. At least this court victory would keep Mr. Obama OFF the 2012 California ballot, until he can prove his eligibility.

I am concerned about the future of this country. That's why I support your efforts in court to ensure that a Court can REMOVE an INELIGIBLE Chief Executive of this great country.

I am glad that your ads, documentary, petitions, television and DVD presentations are going to reach more people, to properly inform then about the truth about Mr. Obama.

Here is my financial investment to search for the truth:

$19 - to help pay for office expenses
$29 - to pay for duplication of DVDs and CDs
$49 - to help pay for television time for TV spots
$119 - to help bring this final battle to a "head" by way of several Courtroom legal briefs that need to be filed.
Biggest Impact: To help pay for the enormous television production costs for television ads, for just $149!
For a special gift of $50 or more today, I will send you a free copy on DVD of our Obama documentary detailing the many questions surrounding his birth and his eligibility to be President. It will help you to prove your concerns to your friends. More importantly, your urgent gift of $50 or more will help us prove to millions more of Americans through our half-hour television expose of Barack Obama's refusal to release his hidden birth certificate. We cannot allow this man to alter our great country into his own entitlement state!
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