Dear Gary:

I know there are certain freedoms that are GUARANTEED to me by the United States Constitution.

I have grave "privacy concerns" when some bureaucrat has the ability to tell me what I can and cannot do in the privacy of my own home on the Internet.

Thank you, Gary, for fighting this government over-stepping of their boundaries in the United States Congress and, if necessary, in court. I sincerely appreciate you for representing my concerns and for standing up for what is right.

I want to help USJF with my donation because I know that these battles are expensive.

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Here is my donation and fax to:

ALL 53 Democrat/Independent U.S. Senators for just $19
ALL 47 GOP U.S. Senators for just $19
ALL 100 U.S. Senators for just $29
ALL 193 Democrat/Independent U.S. Representatives for just $59
ALL 242 GOP U.S. Representatives for just $79
ALL 435 U.S. Representatives for just $99
ALL 100 U.S. Senators AND ALL 435 U.S. Representatives for just $129
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